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Are you looking for something fun to do with your little ones? Then you have come to the right place. With anything from banging drums, tickling your teddy, making lots of noise with your own band sack or getting your spiders to climb the water spout, there’s plenty for everyone to do at Zebedee's Music. Zebedee’s Music allows your child to experiment with different actions and motions with a mixture of movement, quiet songs and fine motor skills, every child will learn something new every lesson without even knowing it! Classes are grouped by physical ability to ensure that they are getting the best they can out of the lessons and by having their own prop, puppet or musical instrument for each and every song they can get fully involved in the lessons.


New classes coming to Little Angels soft play, we are running a taster session on Thursday 17th October, come along and see us!

Roker's - Little Angels

Sleeping Bunnies

A class that offers gentle introduction to the wonderful world of music. Children are never too young, like little sponges, everything is absorbed and with our classes specifically designed from birth to 6 months, mummies can spend quality time with their little ones whilst making great friends too!

Wiggly Worms

Babies are constantly developing throughout their first year. This 6 month to walking music class stimulates and engages with children to build confidence through fun play and activities with mummies there to join in that special time.

Waddling Penguins

Children at this age are exploring the world around them, discovering new abilities every day and establishing an awareness of the world around them. Our popular class is for those little ones who are just finding their feet, our waddling penguins. We will guide your child to learn people and language skils, hand to eye co-ordination, along with full body movement without even knowing that they are, along with many other life skills. Learning has never been so much fun!

Leaping Frogs

By this time our children have grown into little people, with fantastic imaginations, with the abilty to act, create a rhythm and interact with their friends. Those little personalities are shining through! Children are encouraged to participate on their own to build confidence to lead them onto their next venture in life.

Lions and Ladybirds

Our mixed age groups are very popular with families, allowing children of different ages not only to fully participate in the lessons but also to learn from each other. One song that we have interacts with the children on many levels, with different abilites creating a truly enjoyable experience for all the family.

Find Us



  • St Nicholas Church Rooms
  • High Street
  • Cranleigh
  • GU6 8AS


  • 9:40 (Wiggly Worms)
  • 10:30 (Lions and Ladybirds)


  • Godalming United Church
  • Bridge Road
  • Godalming
  • GU7 3DU


  • 9:40 (Waddling Penguins)
  • 10:30 (Waddling Penguins)
  • Currently have a waiting list for Wiggly Worms


  • 9:40 (Waddling Penguins)
  • 10:30 (Wiggly Worms)
  • 11:15 (Leaping Frogs)


  • St John The Evangelist Church
  • 222 Epsom Road
  • Merrow
  • GU4 7AA


  • 9:45 (Leaping Frogs)
  • 10:30 (Mixed Siblings)


  • 9:45 (Leaping Frogs)
  • 10:30 (Waddling Penguins)


  • Salvation Army Community Church
  • Sythwood
  • Woking
  • GU21 3BE


  • 9:45 (Leaping Frogs)
  • 10:30 (Mixed Siblings)
  • 11:15 (Waddling Penguins)


  • 9:30 (Leaping Frogs)
  • 10:15 (Mixed Siblings)
  • 13:15 (Mixed Siblings)


  • St John The Baptist Church
  • The Street
  • Wonersh
  • GU50PG


  • 9:40 (Lions and Ladybirds)
  • 10:30 (Lions and Ladybirds)
  • 11:15 (Lions and Ladybirds)
  • Currently have a waiting list for
  • Wiggly Worms and Sleeping Bunnies


  • Rokers Little Angels
  • Fairlands Farm
  • Holly Lane
  • Worplesdon
  • Guildford
  • GU3 3PB


contact for details on timings
(soft play discount offered for children too!)

Do you have a group of friends that you would like to get together with each week? Why not arrange for Zebedee's Music just for you? These lessons are available throughout the week.

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